Saturday, 03 December 2022

Ancient Elephant Museum

Ancient Elephant Museum

In Ancient Elephant Museum are exhibits of fossils of ancient elephants and other mammals.

Zone 1. Ancient Elephant Animation Theater: the movie presents the story of ancient elephants and various mammals in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Life of the ancient elephants in their ancient environments is simulated from the Tha Chang area, near the Mun River, where the fossils have been found. The movie also shows the life of other associated animals and the extinction of ancient elephants at the end.


Zone 2. Skeleton of elephant named Giraffe:  the skeleton of a male modern Asian elephant named Giraffe is displayed. The complete skeleton reaches a height of more than 3 meters. It might be the tallest modern elephant in Thailand.



Zone 3. Fossils of ancient elephant teeth from foreign countries: on display are ancient elephant teeth from Myanmar found near the northern border of Myanmar or near the Irrawaddy River. There are also fossil teeth of 2 ancient elephant genera from the temperate zone, the American mastodon and mammoth.



Zone 4. The evolution of elephants from ancient to modern: there is a model of Moeritherium, the ancestor of all elephants. The fossils found in Morocco with approximately 65 million years in age. It had no trunk and tusk, the same size with pig and resembled tapir appearance. The diagram of ancient elephant models displayed along the wall reveals that they evolved to be larger and began to have trunks and tusks, with two tusks or four tusks. Ancient elephant fossils have been found totaling 55 genera and over 180 species from around the world. Of these, 10 genera have been found in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Today, only 2 genera are still living in the world, Asian and African elephants; the others have gone extinct.