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Research 2005

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Monday, 02 September 2013 05:31
Research 2005

Hanta, R., Ratanasthien, B., Kunimatsu, Y., Saegusa, H., Nakaya, H. and Jintasakul, P. (2005).
                 Description of the Tha Chang Merycopotamus and its preserved condition, In:
                 Kriengsak, L., Srisuk,   W., Rungruang, W., and Lertsirivorakul, Y. (eds.),
                 International Conference on Geology, Geotechnology and Mineral Resources of 
, November 28-30, Khon Kaen, Thailand, pp. 600-605. 

Tong, H., Claude, J., Buffetaut, E., Suteethorn, V. and Jintasakul P. (2005). The turtle fauna
                 from the Khok Kruat Formation (Early Cretaceous) of Thailand, In: Kriengsak, L., 
                Srisuk, W., Rungruang, W., and Lertsirivorakul, Y. (eds.), International Conference 
             on Geology, Geotechnology and Mineral Resources of Indochina,
                28 – 30, Khon Kaen, Thailand, pp. 610-614. 

Saegusa, H., Thasod, Y., and Ratanasthien, B. (2005). Notes on Asian stegodontids,
               Quaternary International, 126-128: 31-48. ( Link )

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