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Research 2008

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 08:03

Research 2008

Duangkrayom, J., Ratanasthien, B., Uttamo, W., Kandharosa, W., Chonglakmani, C. and
             Jintasakul, P. (2008). Sedimentology and Palaeogeography at the New Pleistocene  
             Fossil Site of Northeastern, Thailand, In: The Gondwana 13, September 15-17, Dali,
             Yunnan Province, China, p. 40.

Hanta, R., Ratanasthien, B., Kunimatsu. Y, Saegusa, H., Nakaya, H., Nagaoka, S., and
             Jintasakul, P. (2008). A new species of Bothriodontinae, Merycopotamus 
(Cetartiodactyla, Anthracotheriidae) from the Late Miocene of Nakhon
             Ratchasima, Northeastern Thailand. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 28(4):
( Link )

Rugmai, W., Grote, P. J., Chonglakmani, C., Zetter, R., and Ferguson, D. K. (2008). A Late
            Pleistocene palynoflora from the coastal area of Songkhla Lake, southern Thailand.  
34: 137-145. 
( Link) 

Thasod, Y., Ratanasthien, B., Saegusa, H. and Jintasakul, P. (2008). Proboscideans Fossils
            Records from the Northeastern Thailand, In: The Gondwana 13, September 15-17,
            Dali, Yunnan Province, China, p. 197.

จรูญ  ด้วงกระยอม และประเทือง  จินตสกุล. 2551. “เต่าเรื่องของซากที่ไม่ซ้ำซากจากโคราช.
              วารสารราชพฤกษ์. 6 (1): 26-36. ( PDF.file)

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